The Bastards Graphic Novel Vol 1- Softcover

The Bastards Graphic Novel Vol 1- Softcover

£30.00 was

Limited quantity available for EU x UK soldiers of the royal council. 

SOFTCOVER BUNDLE =  Softcover Book + World Tour A4 Poster + Remington Facemask

We are very pleased to announce ‘The Bastards: Volume One’ graphic novel preorders are available now! 
Including 260 pages of artwork and literature. 
This book has been intricately created and obsessed over for the past three years, every single page hand drawn by Emerson Barrett and XoBillie.

Welcome to the world of Palaye Royale, were one can reside, reign and recreated themselves when destroyed by living. Ever since the conception of the band and the first single ‘Morning Light’ we have been hiding pieces of this story, within the lyrics, artwork, and visuals. Finally after years of work the doors are opened for all to enter. 

The best travel one can take in times like these is inside their own mind, in memory or imagination. 
Get lost in the pages of our book. Enjoy the ride. Love the void.